Welcome to My Blog!

What is digital marketing?

Maybe I know no more than you. But this blog is a start.

Since I have been taking Digital Marketing class this semester, in the future posts, I will discuss digital marketing and whole marketing industry, and share my perspectives  with you guys.

My opinions might be naive, but all the ideas from the very starts are crude, isn’t it? The posts are topic triggers. I welcome you leave comments under my posts and make some discussions. Let’s polish some creative ideas and make the noise!

I always believe that as a human being, the most important thing in the world is enjoying life. And as marketer, I believe that doing marketing work is one important way to enjoy life. After all, marketing is about innovations, infections and communications. I will treat this blog seriously as a platform to express myself, which means to be honest, to be true.I may also share my interesting, funny, memorable life moments with you in my blog.

Now let’s start our blog journey!


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