H&M Fashion Collaborations: Viral Marketing

When we talk about H&M, the first thing comes to our minds may be about cheap, widely wearing, but nothing about FASHION.

Yes, it’s a quick fashion brand. But compared to its competitors, Zara, Topshop or Forever 21, the clothes of H&M doesn’t look fashion at all. And it has a same problem with its counterparts, which is the clothes third-class quality. So H&M and its consumers are all clear about its position:  cheap but daily use.

From 2004, H&M decided to make some changes. 2004, it invited Karl Lagerfeld to design a Karl Lagerfeld × H&M collection. The collection was launched at 500 H&M stores in the U.S and Europe, and it went out in 25 minutes! The price of the collection was very adorable: the Lagerfeld silhouette T-shirt was $19.90, the sequin jacket was $129, and the lace dress was $99.90. The customers could never imagine buying any piece of clothes at Lagerfeld Gallery, Chanel or Fendi at such a low price.

When I first heard H&M designer collaborations, I saw one of my friend’s post on a social media a few years ago. She got up very early to buy the H&M designer collaboration. When she arrived, there was already a long line outside the store. She had to fight with hundreds of customers same as her for the collection. To be honest, at that time, I didn’t know the designer and neither think the clothes were beautiful, so the collection seemed less attractive to me. In the same case, H&M designer collaborations seem miserable to people who don’t care about fashion. They get confused about the crowd waiting for hours and battling for a piece of strange clothes.

But it’s no doubt that H&M has seized a important chance to improve its brand image. Karl Lagerfeld not only designed a collection for H&M, but also shot for it. These strong Karl Lagerfeld-style pictures and advertisement were calling the audience that this was a big chance that they could buy luxury designs with a H&M price. They shouldn’t miss it, otherwise they would definitely regret for whole life!


Of course,Karl Lagerfeld for H&M collection made booming, no matter from sales or reputation. Witnessed such a big success of Karl Lagerfeld × H&M collection, H&M repeats this campaign with other famous designers later every year. At the time of new designer collection comes out every year, H&M suddenly becomes a symbol of high fashion and drives everyone crazy.

Jimmy Choo × H&M, 2009


Lanvin × H&M, 2010


Versace × H&M, 2011, 2012


Alexander Wang × H&M, 2014


Kenzo × H&M, 2016


Celebrities and influencers are another sturdy power to cause viral advertising for H&M designer collaborations. Famous stars, super models and fashion bloggers wearing H&M collections show appear on different kinds of social media, websites and magazines. Young girls and boys are appealed to purchase a same one with their fashion icons.

When I nearly finish this passage, I’m considering buying a piece of H&M designer collection this year.


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