I’m A Rockstar!

Last week, Professor Joanne Tombrakos asked everyone of us to take a personality assessment test, called Fascination Assessments. The test helps us find our most outstanding characteristics and, based on our personalities, show our strengths.

When I was taking the test, it was a way to discover myself. The questions were comprehensive. I was asked from my inner thoughts to the relationships with others. When I was asked if I stayed the routine life, I chose “Nearly not me”; when I was asked if I was still mystic to some people who knew me for a time, I picked “Sure me”. Even though I didn’t know the result, I could roughly know what I was good at and what I was lack of from the answers I chose.

When I saw the result, I was a little surprised and mostly joyful. As the title shows, I’m a rockstar! My archetype is a combination of innovation and passion. The report tells me what feelings I give to people.


I like my archetype, I like to be a rockstar to rock others’ minds! Like the report says, I like to break status quo, and enjoy the uncertainty of trying something new. Challenges, to me, are the opportunities to discover my hidden skills, instead of terrors. Most importantly, I enjoy to impress others by my amazing ideas, same as the unexpected jokes I bring in daily life. I’m always trying to leave an image to people that I’m a unique person that likes no one in the world.

The report also says my dormant advantage is power. This is true for me for the current status. I’m a slow starter. When I’m in a new or unfamiliar environment, I get used to hide myself and cater to the public. But I’m a kind of people who like to think differently. Sometimes I’m so exhausted about myself that I’m too shy to express my opposite ideas if I don’t agree with someone, especially whom I’m not familiar with.


At the end, the report teaches me how to create my anthem, which means a tagline for my personality. “Instead of focusing on your strengths, describe how you are different.” The report says. After read the report, it’s quite clear to write my tags: innovation, passion, out-of-the-box thinker, risk-taker, unexpected humor. Wow, my personality looks fascinating, isn’t it?

According to my experience, the test result is very close to real me. The questions don’t have many, but they are all well-designed. Therefore, by taking under 5 minutes, we can know more about ourselves and dig our differences from this assessment. In the same way, the Fascinate is useful for every marketer. The essential task for marketers is to build brand awareness in their potential customers’ minds. No matter building a personal brand or building a company brand, the very first step for marketers is to find its differences. Only the differences can make the audience tell from the others, and gain a competitive position for the brand.

There are 49 archetypes in all. I provide the link of Fascinate Assessment below, you can take the test to see which archetype you are. Come and Try!



Last but not least, I watched the Ted Talk of Sally Hogshead, who designed Fascinate Assessment. Sally Hogshead is a charming and humorous lady. The Ted Talk she gives us is one of most interesting and mind-opening lectures I saw in these days. She uses many examples and allegories to tell us how to do our personal brands. From her Ted Talk, we can have a deeper understanding about marketing ourselves. I recommend her Ted Talk to everyone to see.


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