Does Your Audience Have a Wonderful User Experience?

More and more people get used to browse websites on mobile devices. It really matters to audience’s feelings and eventually affects their buying decisions when your company’s website works well on either computers or mobile phones and tablets.

Here is a checklist that you can see if your website is user-centered. (The checklist credits to my Digital Marketing Professor Joanne Tombrakos.)


Today, I’m going to take Luksusowa Vodka ( as an example. I will do a comprehensive evaluation on its website performance across computer, mobile phone and tablet.

What is the purpose? Is it telling the brand story?

Obviously, it has a clear purpose. When I enter the website, my first sight was attracted to the slogan: “Vodka for Men.” The whole website is talking about how to be manly, of course with Luksusowa Vodka. So it leaves a deep impression on me: when I think about Luksusowa Vodka, a strong man with big beard shows in my mind.



♣Is it designed to be responsive?

The website works very well on computer and mobile phone, but less satisfying on tablets. The below is how we see on different platforms (order: laptop, iPad, mobile phone).


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We can see the website looks fine on laptop and mobile phone. But on iPad,  there is a part unseen on the right side. The pictures can’t automatically adjust to the window and you can’t shrink the page.

The good thing is the content we see on mobile devices is totally the same as the one on computer. The links are designed for touch, which is convenient for mobile users. Because of the screen size, the orientation mends a little on mobile phone. It hides, but is still easy to find at the upper left side.

♥How is it performing?

Here we can get the help from Google’s PageSpeed Insights. This tool can analyze the website showing on both mobile and desktop. We can click “Show how to fix” for more information. The scores for Luksusowa are 65 on mobile and 79 on desktop. Like we discussed above, Luksusowa has to improve its mobile version.

BTW, this tool is totally FREE!



♦What about the content? Is it entertaining, convincing, inspiring or does it educate?

When I first enter Luksusowa’s website, I was surprised by its innovative content. The website is designed like no other alcohol brands at all. They discard common paragraphs, but use a series of pictures with short comments to illustrate their idea “Vodka for Men”. The content is entertaining and inspiring. One short story in each picture explains how to be a real man.

♥Is it user centered? Is it a pleasure to use?

As a user, it’s a pleasure for me to scroll down the page and see what every picture says. The comments of the pictures are really interesting. They are easy to read, and I don’t have to spend more than 8 minutes to browse all the site.

Except the content, the front size and color of Luksusowa also make me feel comfortable.

♣Does the aesthetics reflect the brand personality?

The website fills with simple stick figures. The drawing lines are rough.The colors are also not complex, which mainly are black, grey and red. The words are short. The attitude likes “I don’t care much!” These components convey an idea to the audience that Luksusowa is a manly vodka.

♦Does it delight?

Luksusowa does pretty well in this part. The menu is short, and the distinct categories is easier for mobile users to navigate. Its logo is a button for users returning back to home page. Users don’t have to pinch-to-zoom the pictures. The whole page seems concise and clean.

Before I enter the site, I have to enter my country and birth date. Even though it’s a streamline information entry, which is convenient for mobile users, compared to other alcohol brands, who only ask me if I’m over 21 and to click “Yes” or “No”, it’s complicated and time-consuming.

Luksusowa doesn’t have an online store at its site yet, so some optimizations of improving a customer’s online purchasing experience wait to come in handy.



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