How Long Can Your APP Stay at People’s Phones?

People delete an app for many reasons, and most of them are: “it takes a lot of memory.” “I don’t use it anymore.” “It’s difficult to use.” or “I have a similar app which is more useful (or easier to use).”

Companies always wish their apps can stay at people’s phones forever. To achieve this goal, the best way is to improve UX for mobile users.

Last week we discussed user experience on websites, and this week, we are going to talk about improving UX on an app. I will take an example to explain how to do better. This week, the lucky brand is Medea Vodka! (Yes, a vodka brand again! :-D)

The app of Medea Vodka isn’t a app that simply introduces its liquors and users make purchases on mobile phones. Actually it serves a fascinating marketing campaign. Medea Vodka creatively installs LED screens on their bottles, and customers can compose their messages via the app. Every owner can decide what to show on the bottle.

The video explains how to program your bottle with a personalized message.


Sounds quite interesting, right? How about the app itself? How does it perform?

We know if the app is difficult to use, people can’t enjoy creating their personalized messages and probably wouldn’t buy Medea with this design again. So I downloaded the app and tested it. I will make an evaluation of its user experience.

♠ Is it useful? Do it serve a purpose?

Of course it’s useful! People can’t program the bottles without the app. It exists because of the campaign. So we can see it have a very clear mission, which is a platform for people putting the personalized messages. But it also leads to another serious problem: when people get tired of playing this game, or Medea itself doesn’t produce this kind of bottles anymore, people will delete the app without hesitation.

♣ Is it innovative? Does it utilize gaming?

Anyway I didn’t see any other alcoholic brands have similar designs on their bottles. I believe many people, including me, want to buy a bottle of Medea and have a try after seeing its ads. For the app itself, it’s pretty simple. After all its main task is offering a medium for composing, so the app isn’t very delicate and innovative.

On the other hand, it’s really funny for people to see the messages created by themselves showing on the bottles. People would definitely be addicted in trying different words and seeing them showing on the bottles. It utilizes gaming perfectly.

♥ Is it easy to navigate? Is it a pleasure to use?

Medea Vodka did this part considerately. When a user enters the app, it tells you how to connect to a bottle and write your messages step by step. People wouldn’t feel annoyed about failing in connecting again and again, or confused about finding somewhere for typing.



And from the reviews at App Store, we can see most people feel it is straight forward and easy to use.


♦ What do you think about its aesthetic design?

Since the app’s mission is to serve the LED screens, Medea seemed that it didn’t care much about the app’s aesthetic design. It would be much better if they had designed the app more artistically and delicately, at least it would seem more corresponding to the funky bottle outlook and the chick marketing campaign.

Will it keep the customer engaged with the brand?

Now it’s keeping the customers engaged with the brand tightly. But in future, it’s hard to say. If it doesn’t have any improvements and generate new ideas, it will be abandoned by users one day.

Since the app plays a good role of engaging customers with the brand, Medea really needs to consider the ways that can keep producing its best value in future. All in all, it’s more cost effective in improving something old than creating something new.



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