Try a New Way: Promote Your Business on Social Media

Now brands aren’t limited on traditional media when they do advertising, such as TV, magazines, radio. Social media platforms became a new popular medium to promote business as they have the advantages of low price, wide audience base, and straight data. Today I’m going to talk about paid advertising on Pinterest with an example, La Crema. Yes, it’s an alcohol brand, again! 😀

I will evaluate how La Crema is doing on several aspects.

♠ Content

La Crema isn’t selling its wine directly on Pinterest, but introducing a kind of grape, Pinot Noir. The picture is clickable, and it links back to La Crema’s web page, which contains a full passage about Pinot Noir. On the left side of the web page, it’s a hyperlink to purchase Pinot Noir wine of La Crema. So it makes sense that La Crema bought an ad position to introduce a grape. I appreciate that it first triggers users’ interests of Pinot Noir, and then tells the audience that “I have a Pinot Noir wine” to feed audience’s desires. The audience won’t notice that it’s an ad at the first glance and keep scrolling down. This ad is moderate and smart.

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 1.39.28 PM

♣ Position

Can you find La Crema’s ad on this screenshot? It inserts at the other pins like anyone else. It’s not even on the first row. Except a inconspicuous text saying “Promoted by La Crema”, it looks very natural.

Pinterest • The world_s catalog of ideas

♥ Specs and pricing

Below is a part of social media ad size cheat sheet (credits to Robert Katai, ). There are only two sizes for Pinterest ads, and La Crema is obviously using the smaller one, 600 x 900.

Infographic Social Media Ad Size Cheat Sheet


About the price, I could’t find how mach La Crema paid to Pinterest directly, but I searched some information about Promoted Pins on Pinterest Business. Right now Pinterest has a free 30-day trial for new business users, and the average cost of advertising is $100 or more per day. The total advertising spending isn’t fixed, as Pinterest charges promoting fees using the way of cost per click (CPC). Since La Crema chose the smaller size of Pins and isn’t standing on the first row of the page, its spending on Pinterest ads couldn’t be too expensive.

Pinterest Propel Grow your business Pinterest for Business

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 2.28.15 PM

♦ Opportunity

When I used different keywords (alcohol, liquor, vodka, wine…) to see any alcohol brands doing Promoted Pins, La Crema was the only brand I could find. First, there wasn’t so many ads among the regular pins. And second, except La Crema, other ads were promoted by a bar, a life-style magazine, a bakery and even a bra brand (I didn’t see any connections between alcohol and basic design bras)!

Even though Pinterest has strict requirements for promoting alcohols, it’s a very good chance for La Crema or any other alcohol brands doing advertising on Pinterest, because there is no competitors!Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 6.21.18 PM

♥ Conclusion

Pinterest is a good platform for small and medium size companies to do advertising, as it is one of the social media platforms that have most users, and it costs much less to release ads on Pinterest than on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Smaller brands can also avoid having the fierce competitions with big brands on the super popular social media.

I think La Crema can even spend more to target broader audience on Pinterest. It’s the only alcohol brand doing advertising, so it should better utilize the chance to influence more Pinterest users before other alcohol brands come in. On the other hand, 81% of users on Pinterest are female. La Crema can think more about attracting female audience on their Promoted Pins and finally increase conversions.



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