Catch Up With the Trend of IoT?

What is IoT?

IoT’s full name is Internet of Things, which means the inter-networking of different devices, and these devices can to collect and exchange data via Internet. As humans are going to live in smart homes with full of intelligence households in future, many companies are trying to reinvent their products with IoT technology.

I gave an example of IoT at my former blog, even though I mainly talked about the app at that time. It was Medea Vodka! Do you remember? It installs LED screens on the bottles. Customers can compose their personalized messages via its app and the then messages will show on the LED screens.

But today I’m going to talk about another fabulous alcohol brand which is also doing the tests with IoT. It’s Absolut Vodka! Right now it is working on helping people make perfect cocktails. People need to download an app called Perfect Drink Smart Scale.  The app can connect the scale via Bluetooth, and weighs each ingredient when you pour in real time. It alerts when you are going to stop. If you pour too much accidentally, it can adjust other ingredients immediately so you can still make perfect cocktails. If you have to serve a lot of friends at one time, you can set the scale to make a whole pitcher at once.


Actually Absolut Vodka established its IoT lab in 2005. Its first trial was to let the bottles to dim the lights or play music when they link to a third-party product in order for customers to set a wider mood. In 2006, Absolut designed a smart cap which can sense the temperature, a touch-screen bottle and a cap which only recognizes owner’s fingerprints. We can see the designs of Absolut IoT Lab become more and more practical, and I believe the lab won’t stop its feet to chase the new IoT inventions.


Back to Absolut’s newest design, its selling point, and its plus of course, is to help anyone use the easiest way to mix cocktails like a professional bartender. Before you use the app to scale the ingredients, you need to buy an assorted tool to weigh the ingredients. The tool is’t very expensive, but it adds an obstacle for people to widely use.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 11.34.59 AM

For people who have home parties very often, they tend to use the app and the assorted scale as a long-time behavior. But for common people, they might regard Absolut’s IoT technology as a short-time appearance. I very appreciate that Markus Wulff , digital creative business developer at the brand, says, “The key to the Internet of Things is being relevant.” They clearly know that customers won’t pay extra money for some useless designs. So we can see Absolut’s IoT designs become more than entertainment. They are more and more functional. Now the brand also thinks about broadening the scale’s uses so the scale can have more additional values.

I read the reviews of the scale under Amazon. It got 4.5 of 5, which is a fair high score. From the reviews, I can see the satisfactions from the customers to the scale and the app. The reviews say: “Works well as advertised.” “Perfect drink makes the perfect drink.””A lot of fun.” To be honest, I event want to buy one and have a try after I read the reviews. I think I would also recommend it to my friends and clients.  A easy-to-use IoT tool brings so much fun to me and my friends, why not?


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